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Our Best Services

Shorten, share, customize, target, optimize, edit, manage, track, analyze, sync and automate - all in one place.

User Friendly Links

Created links are simple, short and easy to remember

Admin Dashboard

Own Customized dashboard, chart view, date filter, etc.

Deep Linking

We provide deep link feature that helps user to redirect to the right page inside their application

Password Protected

Private short links with password or email protected

Custom Link Tags

Use custom and fancy keywords to create links

Http Rest API

Use our seamless API in your app to generate short links

Bulk Shortener

Easiest way to short multiple urls, separate with drives under account

Reference Traffic

Know link clicks (traffic) from reference campaign / website.

Why choose us?

We provide best and efficient way to create, manage and track branded short link as well as deep links.

Advanced Tracking

Short links tracking system shows analytics by geo location, clicks through devices and browser and also source of clicks.

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Lnkiy API for developers provides autonomous shortened link delivery for integration, scale, and multiple levels of customization.

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URLs Password

This allows us to create a short URL with password protected. Only the people who know the password of this can access the page.

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Branded URLs

Create branded short links to increase the conversion and trust of your users and clients. Use your own best keywords for short links.

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Solution For Business Link

Lnkiy is the most complete and reliable platform to brand and manage links at large scale. It has been specifically designed for large organisations and allows for implementation of custom solutions that integrate with complex processes for big teams.

Your shortened URLs can be used in publications, advertisements, blogs, forums, e-mails, instant messages, and other locations. Track statistics for your business and projects by monitoring the number of hits from your URL with the click counter. Register Here.

Link Management

You will have complete control on your links and custom url. This means you can change the destination url anytime you want.

Solution For Enterprise

Control Panel for Multi Users, Use your brand keywords, Advance Tracking Methods, HTTP Rest API Support.

Advanced Links Tracking

Shortened URLs are measuring advanced click stats for you. Clicks by sources, short links tracking system shows where the link was clicked, included popular social media, browsers and devices.